Fresh Air Intake for Mansard Soffit Drip Edge
Fresh Air Intake for Mansard Soffit Drip Edge
Fresh Air Intake for Mansard Soffit Drip Edge

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Fresh Air Intake for Mansard Soffit Drip Edge

The VMAX Mansard Soffit Drip Edge has been developed and deigned to allow for fresh air intake directly into the attic space at the junction or transition of the mansard and eave of the slope roof where you would normally install a drip edge.

Two products in one, this product is an effective and efficient way to ensure proper ventilation and prevent heat build-up and moisture condensation which can lead to the premature wear of the building and its components. An innovative product that will save homeowners time, money and final peace of mind.


  • Net Free Air: 96.48 in2
  • Length: 8 ft. including 2 in. overlap
  • Roof Pitch: Custom made to your specifications
  • Solid: Structural quality galvanized steel
  • Standard Gauge: 24 & 26
  • Storm Proof: Unique precision engineered storm proof system
  • Rodent Proof: Built-in 1/8 in. (3.175 mm) galvanized wire mesh screen
  • Finish: Powder coated polyester baked paint with UV protection
  • Compliances: CSA, CAN-3-A930M82, ASTM-527
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on all manufacturing defects, 5 years on paint & corrosion
  • Available Colours: Black, Brown and Grey

A limited selection of special colours is available at a slight premium.