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Wall Vent Cover

5 in. diameter wall vent cover with 9 in. tailpipe.

Recognized by ventilation professionals across Canada, the VMAX-AF5 Wall vent cover is unique to the market. Designed as an exhaust for bathroom fans, dryer and kitchen range hoods, it can also be used as a termination point for a HVAC system. Its versatile design also allows it to be easily converted from an exhaust vent to an air intake vent thanks to its removable damper.


  • Washroom, Dryer, HVAC and Hood Range
  • Design: Engineered to protect the damper from direct contact of extreme weather
  • Energy Savings: Unique air tight triple seal gasket
  • Net Air Flow: Unique and specifically designed and engineered to permit for the exact net free air flow for both intake and exhaust, thus, eliminating back flow pressure
  • Silent: Fine tune precision. The damper mechanism combined with the insulated damper, reduces noise level to a whisper
  • Backdraft Proof: Unique anti gust deflector incorporated within the structural envelope
  • Tail Pipe: A built-in 9 in. tail pipe (no need of extensions) eliminates moisture loss within the wall cavity and reduces lint build up at the joints
  • Rodent Proof: Removable galvanized screen grill, combined with the metal structure, discourages nesting and all other destructible abuses
  • Interchangeable: Two products in one, these wall vents can be transformed from an exhaust to an air intake vent within minutes
  • Maintenance: Removable grill & damper allows cleaning of ducts all from outdoors
  • Finish: Highest quality powder coated paint finish with UV protection
  • Dimensions: 3 , 4, 5, 6, & 3 ¼ x 10 in
  • Available Colours: White, Brown and Black
  • WARNING: Clogged Dryer Ducts are one of the leading causes of residential fires. Periodic checks and or professional cleaning are highly recommended

A limited selection of special colours is available at a slight premium.