Fresh Air Intake Vents

Wall and Soffit - Fresh Air Intake Vents

Wall and Soffit Air Intakes

The lack and / or limitation of fresh air intake is one of the important causes of the presence of condensation, mildew and deterioration of the insulation in the attic. Maximum Ventilation Ltd. has studied these issues and designed and developed unique products that will resolve these deficiencies while respecting the building and preventing infiltration during inclement weather.
VMAX Soffit 50%

Allows ten (10) times more fresh air intake than regular soffits.

VMAX Anti-Gust Soffit

Designed to prevent weather infiltration through the soffits while still allowing for efficient fresh air intake.

VMAX Anti-gust wall soffit

Designed for flat roof or sloped roof applications, the anti-gust wall soffit is a solution to bring fresh air to any building with no roof edge.


Unique storm proof wall mount air intake vent engineered and designed to prevent all weather infiltrations while allowing for efficient fresh air intake for attic air circulation for buildings designed without soffit vents. Custom made to your specifications.