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Our Products

​Allows ventilation up to 450 sq. Ft. Per unit

Premium roof ventilators and exhaust traps

In the early 1980’s, Ventilation Maximum designed and developed a new line of static ventilators for attics. They could be adapted to all types and shapes of roofs, as much for residential and commercial as for industrial and institutional use. Our products were specifically designed to function in our northern climate where snow infiltrating an attic is a common occurrence.

Browse our different roof ventilators and exhaust traps, explore the different colour options available, or contact us today; A trained team of experts is on hand to answer any questions concerning our products and their installation.

​Our models

Sloped Roof Ventilators

6 models to choose from including our unique ventilation system for cathedral roofs. Residential/commercial/industrial

Flat Roof Ventilators

4 models to choose from for all types of flat roofing applications. Residential/Commercial/Industrial

Industrial Roof Ventilators

2 models to choose for the evacuation of large volumes of air.

Special Air Intake Vents

For those building with soffits that are restricted, obstructed, or even without soffits for the fresh air intake, there are now 7 options available for the perfect solution.

Roof Exhaust Traps

With 5 models to choose from, designed and built for final peace of mind.

Wall Exhaust Traps

With 7 models to choose from, designed and built for high efficiency energy savings and durability.

Wall or soffit air intakes

With 4 models to choose from, designed and built for final peace of mind.

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Are you looking for detailed specifications of exhaust fans and flaps for architects and construction professionals?


The VMAX wall storm proof soffit is a unique soffit that has been specifically designed and manufactured to allow fresh air intake for attic air circulation while preventing any weather infiltrations into the attic space. Designed for flat or sloped roof applications, the wall mounted storm-proof soffit is a solution for any building with no roof edges. Due to its wall installation, this product offers the possibility of having a uniform and linear air intake entry around the perimeter of the building, thus promoting optimal attic ventilation.
Factory made, 24 and 26 gauge galvanized structural steel construction.
Available in 8′ long sections.
Built-in 1/8in (3.175mm) galvanized steel wire mesh.
Perforations : 0.1875 po.
Left and right end caps offered separately.
Prewashed with a phosphate treatement and then coated with an interior and exterior baked polyester powder paint with UV protection.
Standard colours: black and white
RAL colour chart also available.
Special colours: please refer to our colour chart for more information.
Five (5) years on paint and corrosion, lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects.
Norms and certifications : CSA, CAN-3-A930M82, ASTM-527