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Roof Exhaust Traps

Trusted by roofing professionals across Canada, the VMAX CT is the best quality roof exhaust on the market. Designed to discharge kitchen range hoods, bathroom fan and dryers, the built-in damper opens to release the exhaust air and closes once released, creating a hermetic barrier, thus reducing your energy bills. The built-in deflector will prevent any back drafts and clapping of the damper while also deflecting the flow towards the sides of the unit, reducing the risks of melting snow creating ice dams. Its unique design allows the exhaust air to be directed upwards for an optimal diffusion into the environment. This differs greatly from the common roof exhausts which discharge directly onto the roofs surface leading to odors being infused with the roof’s surface and in time may attract rodents. The VMAX CT unique height design also reduces risks of infiltration of any kind.

Roof Exhaust Vent Caps VMAX-CT-4 - Built-in 4 in. diameter tailpipe
Roof Exhaust Vent Caps VMAX-CT-6 - Built-in 6 in. diameter tailpipe
Roof Exhaust Vent Caps VMAX-CT-10 - Built-in 10 in. diameter tailpipe
Roof Exhaust Vent Caps VMAX-CT-AD-12 - Built-in 3,4,5 or 6 in. diameter tailpipe
Multiple Roof Exhaust Trap
Roof Exhaust Vent Caps VMAX-CTM - Built-in 3,4,5,6 diameter tailpipe and 3-1/4 x 10 in. rectangular tail pipe