Ridge Flashing

Ridge flashing, adapters and extensions.

If your roof ventilator is not high enough. We have an extension from 12″ to 72″. Available Colours: Black, Brown, and Grey.

  • Special orders only. Manufacturing delays may vary depending on season.
  • Available Colours: Black, brown and grey.
  • Support Brackets are available for extensions three (3) feet and higher at a small premium.
A limited selection of special colours is available at a slight premium.

If snow infiltration is a problem. The Media Filter can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. A loss of ventilator efficiency of approximately 20% should be considered.

Retention pan Metal

Used in conjunction with the media filter. The retention pan constructed of galvanized steel and includes four corner straps for installation.


Used in conjunction with the media filter. The polypropylene retention pan must be placed over the insulation to act as a second line of defense against infiltration.

Counter flashing

Counter flashings are made of galvanized steel to the exact size of the ventilator’s body and/or cathedral system. Counter flashing are required for steel roof installations.