Triangular Roof Air intake vent VMAX-AT2-L/S
Triangular Roof Air intake vent VMAX-AT2-L/S
Triangular Roof Air intake vent VMAX-AT2-L/S

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Triangular Roof Air intake vent VMAX-AT2-L/S

The VMAX-AT2-1224/1836-L & AT2-1224/1836-S are unique triangular air intake vents designed and engineered for buildings with limited or non-existent soffits and for situations where the structural components including firewalls are obstructing the fresh air intake for attic air circulation.

These models are installed directly on top of the roof over the eaves (overhang), even (flush) with the facias. The fresh air enters directly into the attic space from the roof to allow for attic air circulation in combination with the Maximum roof ventilators. The unique storm proof system will prevent weather infiltrations while still allowing fresh air intake, thus, preventing heat build-up and moisture condensation which can lead to the premature wear of the building and its components. Most effective and efficient product that will save the homeowner time, money, and give final peace of mind.

Note: these models are available in two different dimensions and slope variables, please view all specifications in the complete catalogue.


  • Profile: Triangular
  • Net Free Air: Model 1224: 72 in2, Model 1836: 162 in2
  • Roof Pitch VMAX-AT2-1224/1836-L: 3/12 to 8/12
  • Roof Pitch VMAX-AT2-1224/1836-S: 9/12 to 15/12
  • Storm Proof: Unique precision engineered storm proof system
  • Solid: Structural quality galvanized steel
  • Standard Gauge: 24 & 26
  • Rodent Proof: Built-in galvanized wire mesh screen
  • Finish: Powder coated polyester baked paint with UV protection
  • Compliances: CSA, CAN-3-A930M82, ASTM-527
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty on all manufacturing defects, 5 years on paint & corrosion
  • Available Colours: Black, Brown and Grey

A limited selection of special colours is available at a slight premium.