General Information


Our products are made mainly of galvanized steel but if requested, we can use other types of material like copper, stainless steel or aluminum. Our team of experts can easily make the device with a thicker gauge and in a variety of sizes.


Ventilation Maximum has the solution to your ventilation problem. While others have tried and are still trying to imitate our device, none will have this perfect combination of accuracy and efficiency. Maximum ventilator is a patented device. Our products are patented in Canada and in the United States (Canada Patent # 2 467 956, USA Patent # 6 932 690)

Time of Delivery

Our products can easily be delivered within two to five days following your orders. For any special order, a delay of two to three weeks can be expected, depending on the season of the year.


Ventilation Maximum guarantees that our products have been thoroughly tested and that they are reliable, high performing, secure and of excellent quality. Our customers have found that our products are entirely satisfactory. They are well-known for their high resistance to wind, deformation, water and snow infiltrations.

What’s more, our company has a quality control system that verifies the products right from the beginning of the manufacturing until wrapping time. You are thus assured that the products that we sell are entirely inspected and that they are guaranteed against any defects.

Technical Service​

For all information concerning roof ventilation, be they flat, inclined or cathedral style or for any information about residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural buildings, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-665-4874 or for the Montreal region at 514-648-8011.

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