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To work in partnership with architects and construction professionals, Ventilation Maximum has rolled out a unique web portal.

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Our comprehensive and well-structured online trainings are designed specifically for architects. You’ll have access to a wide range of ongoing training resources delivered by ventilation professionals. The training hours you complete can also be counted toward your mandatory training.

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Our certification workshops are comprehensive training programs for construction professionals. Completing these turnkey trainings will earn you a certification at the end. As a certified professional, you’ll gain the visibility of appearing on the list of certified installers on our website.

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Ventilation Maximum offers an exclusive, high-quality technical assistance service to quickly answer all of your questions. You can directly contact a qualified technical engineer who will point you toward a concrete solution. We offer all the tools you need to make your work easier, accompanied by comprehensive support. Get answers to your questions via our online chat service or call our direct telephone line.

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The VMAX wall storm proof soffit is a unique soffit that has been specifically designed and manufactured to allow fresh air intake for attic air circulation while preventing any weather infiltrations into the attic space. Designed for flat or sloped roof applications, the wall mounted storm-proof soffit is a solution for any building with no roof edges. Due to its wall installation, this product offers the possibility of having a uniform and linear air intake entry around the perimeter of the building, thus promoting optimal attic ventilation.
Factory made, 24 and 26 gauge galvanized structural steel construction.
Available in 8′ long sections.
Built-in 1/8in (3.175mm) galvanized steel wire mesh.
Perforations : 0.1875 po.
Left and right end caps offered separately.
Prewashed with a phosphate treatement and then coated with an interior and exterior baked polyester powder paint with UV protection.
Standard colours: black and white
RAL colour chart also available.
Special colours: please refer to our colour chart for more information.
Five (5) years on paint and corrosion, lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects.
Norms and certifications : CSA, CAN-3-A930M82, ASTM-527