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Customer Service

Ventilation Maximum has always taken the quality of its customer service very seriously. A trained team of experts is on hand to answer questions concerning our products and their installation. Their experience will also provide the expertise for basic static ventilating principles applicable to all types of roofs (flat, sloped, cathedral, mansard, asymmetrically-pitched, etc.). Customer Service

For architects and project directors.

Qualified members of our team are available upon request to assist architects and project directors in preparing blueprints and quotations. They can recommend which products to choose and advise them as to the number of ventilation units needed, as well as the size and layout of the ventilators required in order to ensure adequate ventilation for the building.

For building supply stores, roofing contractors and building owners.

The same quality service is offered to building supply store managers as well as to roofing contractors and building owners. Together we analyze the ventilation problems and suggest efficient solutions.

How to reach us.

To get in touch with one of our trained ventilation experts, please visit our contact page.






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